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backgammon tourneys

backgammon tourneys
Posted by zamo27 (VIP) Sep 8 2022 2:12PM

Hi to all. I just have received a warning from Administrators (my first since March 2016). It is about ”delaying the play, in multi-player tourneys, by taking a full time-per-move”. It is true – I often find myself ”explaining” some of the deccisions I make, over some moves or cube play. It is an habit, riseing from the fact that I run a backgammon club, back in Romania. I also am the TD for many Live Tourneys played here. So, wanting to ”promote/advertise” the game of Backgammon, I give some ”advise” to players. My apologize to all I hurt by delaying multi-player tourneys. It will not happen in future. Good Matches all !

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