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REVISED: 4th Qtr 2022 - TOURNEY OF CHAMPS Sun, January 8, 2023 6 pm

REVISED: 4th Qtr 2022 - TOURNEY OF CHAMPS Sun, January 8, 2023 6 pm
Posted by ChrisCrossed (moderator) Jan 4 2023 7:37PM

NOTE: Revised Eligible List THE 1st and 2nd Place WINNERS FROM OCT, NOV, DEC 2022, are all eligible for entry into the TOURNEY OF CHAMPS for 4th Quarter winners. This tourney WILL BE A D/E 1 PT TOURNEY FOR 10 TIX ENTRY FEE. IT WILL BE HELD JANUARY 8, 2023 AT 6 PM ET. THE ELIGIBLE PLAYERS LIST iS POSTED HERE . In order to play in this tourney, you must have taken 1st or 2nd place in a tournament during the last quarter of 2022. 1st place winner will receive 30 added tix from webs, and 2nd place winner will receive 15 added tix from webs. This is in addition to the normal tourney payouts. Note: IF YOU HAVE CHANGED YOUR NAME, YOU MSUT CHANGE IT BACK TO MATCH WHAT IS SHOWN HERE IN ORDER TO PLAY IN THE TOURNEY ELIGIBLE LIST: 2zigs Angelicus69 bowenmaine Cantuvio Chris1981a Club1 coco72 danieldix DocGT2 DrummersRule Emerald13 empyshell eternelle fluffinator GreekGuy9999 Hypnotic1 JMal33 kiwisport nodrapmit nutumba oldrockdadio Paulaoops peggist PK007 roki55 sage33 Sattar1 Sol52 Sophia2487 tgo5858 tommy_woodnut UMWolverine Warspite xaja1234

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