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Updating Google Chrome can break Java!

Updating Google Chrome can break Java!
Posted by webmaster (moderator) Apr 15 2015 12:02PM

Please do not update your Chrome browser - it will break Java! If you have the newest version of Google's Chrome, we suggest switching to a different browser e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox browser ( <A href=></a> ) After Chrome's latest Apr 14, 2015 update, it will no longer run Java by default. You can still enable Java in new Chrome, however, in the following way: STEP 1. While in Chrome, go to the following URL in your browser: <B>chrome://flags/#enable-npapi</B> STEP 2. on the very top of the page, you will need to select "Enable" for "NPAPI Mac, Windows" STEP 3. Select "Relaunch Now" button on the bottom <IMG SRC=/images/chrome_java.jpg> STEP 4. You should be able to run Java. If Java still does not run on your system, you'll need to download and install Java from <a href=></a>

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