Cribbage Game History

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    Cribbage is one of the earliest classic card games. Its invention is generally credited to an Englishman John Suckling (1609 - 1642).  According to John Suckling's biographer John Aubrey, Suckling was something of a scoundrel by all accounts, "the greatest gallant of his time, the greatest gamester both for bowling and cards, so that no shopkeeper would trust him for sixpence".  John Suckling was a poet, a playwright, a traveler, an expert at cards and dice as well as a womaniser and a notorious wit!

    Cribbage was known as "Noddy" prior to the modification of the rules by Sir John.  In 1630, John Suckling was knighted by the King, but fell from grace several years later.

    In 1641, John Suckling was involved in a conspiracy to save a friend who was jailed in the Tower of London.  The plan failed and Sir John had to flee England for the Continent. Unable to return to his country, Suckling ended his life a year later, at the age of 33. The game of Cribbage is his legacy.

    Rules | Cribbage History | Cribbage Strategy | Play Cribbage Online | Links