Hong Kong Mahjong Scoring

Hong Kong Mahjong Scoring

Basic Hong Kong Mahjong Scoring
Complete Hand0 fan
4 Chows in hand1 extra fan
4 Pungs and/or Kongs in hand3 extra fan
1 or 2 Dragon Pungs or Kongs1 extra fan each
A pair of Dragon Pung and another pair of Dragon4 extra fan
Pungs/Kongs of Winds that matches the round or seat1 extra fan
No Flowers/Season tile1 extra fan
Flowers/Season tile matching seat value1 extra fan each
All Flowers/Season of a particular color 2 extra fan
Win by self-drawn1 extra fan

Complete Hong Kong Mahjong Scoring

Scores for Basic Sets
Set Fan Description
Pung of Dragons 1  
Kong of Dragons 1  
Pung of player's Own Wind 1 Implies scoring for Pung of Winds
Kong of player's Own Wind 1 Kong of player's Own Wind
Pung of the Wind of the Round 1 Implies scoring for Pung of Winds
Kong of the Wind of the Round 1 Implies scoring for Pung of Winds

Scores for Flowers and Seasons
Set Fan
Flower of own Wind 1
Season of own Wind 1
All Flowers 2
All Seasons 2
No Flowers or Seasons 1

Scores for Triplets - Patterns Based on Pungs and Kongs
Set Fan Description
Little Three Dragons 4 2 Dragon Pungs/Kongs and a pair of another Dragon

Scores for patterns based on the whole hand
Set Fan
Chow hand 1
Pung hand 3
One suit and Honors 3
Seven Pairs 4
One suit only 6

Scores for winnning
Set Fan
Self-drawn last tile 1
Out on the last discard 1
Out by robbing a Kong 1
Out on Replacement Tile 1

A player who declares mahjong scores fan (points). Fan points depend on the winning hand. The fan is converted into a payment amount based on a payment table called "fan-laak" table below.
Fan Points By discard Self drawn
0 1 1+1+2=4 n/a
1 2 2+2+4=8 4+4+4=12
2 4 4+4+8=16 8+8+8=24
3 8 8+8+16=32 16+16+16=48
4, 5, 6 16 16+16+32=64 32+32+32=96
7, 8, 9 32 32+32+64=128 64+64+64=192
10+ 64 64+64+128=256 128+128+128=384

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